Blue Diamond

Charles Austen Pumps Ltd design and manufacture a comprehensive range of condensate pumps for all air conditioning needs. Established for over 50 years Charles Austen Pumps are leading manufacturers of condensate removal systems. In addition to off the shelf units, a range of components and materials are available to adapt standard products to meet a variety of applications. Condensate removal pumps are usually an installers nightmare. They have a reputation for being awkward to install and unreliable which often dictates the buyer choose the cheapest item and regard it as a throw away. Many competitors boast about how reliable their products are, but this is very rarely the case. The BlueDiamond range from Charles Austen Pumps offers a new approach to efficiently, quietly, and reliably remove large quantities of condensate. BlueDiamond condensate pumps are based on a revolutionary patented rotary diaphragm pumping principle. Proven in service for over 15 years on applications including vending and sampling. The principle overcomes problems such as contaminated valves, stuck pistons, split tubes and noisy gearboxes which is how BlueDiamond pumps achieve their extremely high rate of reliability and complete lack of noise, making them the most popular choice of pumps across the world. All BlueDiamond pumps are guaranteed for three years.

  • Arctikblue

    $970.00 excl. GST
  • Blue Diamond C13-103

    $65.00 excl. GST
  • Blue Diamond C21-014

    MultiTank can prevent installation difficulties against centrifugal tank pumps
    which don’t have the ability to run dry. By incorporating either the MaxiBlue™ or
    MegaBlue™ the user can prevent regular service call-outs to peristaltic tank units that
    have split tubes or worn gearboxes.

    $115.00 excl. GST
  • Blue Diamond F10-011

    $35.00 excl. GST
  • Blue Diamond S12-002

    Hot & Cold Sensor Options


    Position the hot thermistor sensor (red) in a suitable location at ambient air temperature. It is recommended that ceiling voids are avoided as these are usually at much higher temperatures. Place the cold thermistor sensor (blue) in the path of the air flow from the air conditioning unit.


    $79.00 excl. GST
  • Blue Diamond S12-004S

    DrainStik™ Install Options

    Insert the DrainStik™ sensor into the condensate tray/pipe and secure the hose in position. The DrainStik™ must be mounted vertically. Use the silicon hose provided. Remove pipe insulation down to the level of the end of the DrainStik™ or use the silicon hose provided.


    $79.00 excl. GST
  • Blue Diamond T18-016

    A sleek and discrete covering kit for mounting MICROBLUE beneath a unit

    $105.00 excl. GST
  • Maxiblue


    -Proven rotary diaphragm technology as used in Blue Diamond range
    -Flow rate up to 14 l/hr
    -Dry suction lift up to 8m
    -Self priming
    -Energy Efficient
    -Exceptionally quiet and no vibration
    -Powered by unique water sensors
    -Can be mounted in any orientation

    Now available with Temperature Sensor Option

    $260.00 excl. GST
  • Megablue

    • Exceptional performance from a small package.
    • Flow rate up to 50 l/hr
    • Max head 8 metres+
    • Max head of 20 m + (pumps up 6 storeys)
    • Exceptionally quiet with no vibration
    • Thermally protected

    Now available with Temperature Sensor Option

    The MegaBlue‘s reputation for assisting installers with problem sites or failed alternative products has made it an essential piece of equipment for all fitters to keep on the van as it out performs every other pump on the market and is easily retro-fittable.

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    • Reservoir
    • Temperature sensors
    • 5m extension cable
    • Stepped adaptor

    Blue Diamond – why risk anything less?

    $345.00 excl. GST
  • Microblue

    $225.00 excl. GST
  • Miniblue


    -Exceptional performance from a small package
    -Proven rotary diaphragm technology as used in the Blue Diamond range
    -Flow rate up to 8 l/hr
    -Self priming
    -Energy Efficient
    -Dry suction lift
    -Self priming
    -Exceptionally quiet and no vibration
    -Low power consumption
    -Can be mounted in any orientation

    Less really is more with MiniBlue as it has no noise making silent when running either wet or dry and self priming. No filters unique patented pumping principle reliably removes condensate and debris. No call-outs as it is inherently reliable with a multi year warranty and no cost penalty as the MiniBlue offers peristaltic performance for the price of a piston pump.

    $245.00 excl. GST
  • Miniblue R


    -Exceptional performance from a small package.
    -Proven rotary diaphragm technology as used in the Blue DiamondTM
    -Flow rate up to 8 litres/hour
    -Max head 8 metres+
    -Dry suction lift up to 5 metres – self priming
    -Very quiet and low vibration
    -Power supply 230V. Low power consumption 70 mA

    MiniBlue R has all the benefits of the Rotary Diaphragm technology but in a smaller package. It is small enough to retrofit around existing installations and quiet enough for ceiling mounting. The MiniBlue Râ and complete Blue Diamond range is backed up with our 3 year warranty.

    $265.00 excl. GST