Pipe Support

The Rapid Positioning Clip is made from a composite polyamide alloy combining strength with light weight. This one piece support requires no mechanical aids and completely seals the pipework or cable. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s effective. The Rapid Positioning Clip is designed to fit all pre-formed channels. The Rapid Positioning Clip is designed to be extremely quick and simple to use. It is designed to support and locate a number of piping products on a variety of mounting channels, mounted either horizontally or vertically, whilst allowing some expansion movement of the pipe. The Rapid Positioning Clip, being a one piece molding, is a major time saver in the installation of air conditioning and refrigeration pipe-work compared with competing products which are made up of several components. It will help reduce the problems brought about by cracked and fractured joints.

  • Insulated Pipe Clamps

    Rubber lined pipe clamps from MEZ-Technik in Germany

    $4.50$6.75 excl. GST
  • Pipe Supports InsulClamps

    $50.00$62.00 excl. GST
  • RPC Cable Tie Clips

    $2.10$3.00 excl. GST
  • RPC Channeling Clips

    Quick and easy to install
    One piece single handed fixing
    No mechanical tightening
    Completely seals pipework
    Secure nonmagnetic field fixing
    Insulates cable without cutting casing

    $2.40$3.50 excl. GST
  • RPC Insul Clips

    Simple, secure installation of conduit, plumbing and ACR pipework
    Secures both pipe and insulation
    No break of insulation material

    $3.25$4.99 excl. GST
  • RPC Studding Clips

    Ideal where fixing to studding is essential
    Secures both pipe and insulation
    Ideal above suspended ceiling or crammed ducts where movement is restricted
    Fast and easy to install saving time and money
    Single handed, no tools required
    To fit either 8mm or 10mm studding
    Ideal for all pipework, conduit or cabling

    $2.00$3.99 excl. GST