Sheet Metal Tools

The Wiss® line of snips is the most complete line on the market. Wiss® snips are advanced metal cutting tools originally developed for cutting extremely tough alloys used in the aircraft industry. Wiss® snips are now widely used in the construction trades by general contractors, HVAC professionals, sheet metal workers, drywallers, roofers, electricians, and siding contractors. They are common tools for maintenance specialists and industrial workers, and can be found in almost any industrial application. Wiss® snips offer superior cutting performance required of conventional snips to handle acute angles, complex patterns and circular shapes in galvenized steel up to 18 gauge (.049”). The M5R bulldog snip is recommended for galvanized steel up to 16 gauge (.065”). The jaws of Wiss® aviation snips are made of durable and wear-resistant special molybdenum steel. This provides the extra service demanded by the compound lever action and withstands the severe strain of cutting heavy stock or tight curves.